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Organic Home Gardens

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The Founders
In 2002, Myra Marsocci and husband Ken Marsocci expert duo Horticulturist team started Shades of Green with a commitment to share their passion and knowledge for creating beautifully designed gardens, and their ever-growing concern for the environment.

Our Philosophy
We practice sustainable and organic principals without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, because a chemically dependent garden will eventually become sterile and interferes with the natural cycle of all living things. It not only chases away the bees and the butterflies, it is a far less healthy environment for our families, pets and the community. We stopped using synthetic chemicals over a decade ago and we continue to educate ourselves to refine our process. We recycle plant materials and continuously compost to encourage the use of fresh organic soils and the materials of nature at hand.
A living botanical garden is one of the few things that will give more than its takes when cared for responsibly. We will evaluate your landscape and recommend the best course of action to wean your plants off chemical dependency. And as a result, your perennial garden will become a treasured space, and a healthy natural resource from an edible vegetable garden to the fresh air you breath.
Meet Myra
Myra is a designer and perennial expert who can identify just about anything herbaceous. She skillfully marries her scientific knowledge of plants and the artistic principals of color, texture and landscape design turning your garden into a breathtaking oasis. Myra is a hands-on business owner, on-site, directing every aspect of your project. She will carefully listen to your needs and wishes and guide you through your options achieving long lasting relationships and optimal results.
Myra has a degree in Horticulture Design from The New York Botanical Garden. She runs organic gardening workshops at the Organic Teaching Garden in Croton NY and lectures in the winter at the NY Botanical Garden. Myra was named a rockstar resident of Westchester County in 2011.

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